The Start Of Coconut Cream Pie

MARCH 7, 2022

Coconut Cream Pie is a delicious and delectable option for those who enjoy pumpkin and sweet potato pies. The Blind bake involved with making this pie at home is tough, so mastering it takes time. But we’re here to tell you that Papa C Pies can take care of all the hard work for you. 

Before we touch on that, here’s a brief history of the Coconut Cream Pie.

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Early Coconut Cream Pie

The pie has been around for a while. Europeans and Americans have been into the coconut as a dessert option since it became easier to transport. Coconuts as a whole tend to spoil easily and that makes them hard to transport. Drying the coconut meat made them more accessible to the world.

Europe adopted the coconut first, the US followed shortly afterward. And in the late 19th century, a factory in the US started shredding and drying coconut meat making it accessible to everyone from professional bakers to home cooks. At this point, the pie is a hit and recipe stats showing up in recipe books of all sizes. 

It’s been popular ever since. 

And for good reason. The use of butter in most recipes leads to a divine texture that is rich, creamy and thick. The coconut really shines and the whipped cream is only lightly sweetened to provide relief from the rich taste. Not that you’ll need any relief. This pie is tasty and the filling is delicious. 

This pie has been made everywhere from local mom and pop bakeries to high-end fashion stores and cafes. 

Is It Hard To Make?

Yes and no. Your typical fruit pies are cooked all at once and require less finesse to complete. Cream pies like the Coconut Cream Pie require the crust and filling to be made separate and the blind baking process can be tough to get right. That said, once mastered, the coconut cream pie is delicious and easy enough to enjoy all the time. There are dozens of great recipes to choose from and it’s a great treat for the holidays or any get together. 

Why Make It If I Can Just Order One?

Glad you asked. Papa C is here to help. It’s not that you shouldn’t make this pie, it’s that we’ve been making it for years, and ours is the perfect introduction or revisit to this delicious pie. And with the ability to order the pie and have it delivered wherever you are, it’s even more of a reason to partake and enjoy! Order yours here

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