The Great Pie Crust Debate… Crumb or Pastry?

JANUARY 25, 2021

Remember when Mary Poppins mentioned a “pie crust promise,” easily made, easily broken? When she said easily made, did she mean a crumb crust or a pastry crust? Both require few, simple ingredients. But one is undoubtedly easier than the other. So what’s the difference? Why not always use the easier crust? And which kind does Papa C Pies use?

To answer the last question first… yes! Both, that is. A crumb crust certainly has its place, but a traditional open (no lid) or double (crust on top as well as the bottom) pie uses a pastry crust. Papa C Pies uses both crumb and pastry crusts in delicious, scratch-made pies.

Pastry Crust

A pastry crust is a bit more traditional and what most people think of when the words “pie crust” come to mind. Made simply of flour, salt (or sugar), ice water and fat (usually butter), mastering this crust is definitely a skill. Don’t underestimate the perfect proportions of a family recipe and the practice to get everything perfectly combined without overworking the dough. Plus there’s the time in which you chill the crust, how long to bring it back to warm, and how thin or thick to roll it. A lot goes into something so allegedly simple.

But when done right, there is nothing like the light, flaky tender pastry crust! And it is so versatile, working well with both sweet and savory pies. Sometimes it is baked ahead of being filled (known as a “blind bake”) while other recipes call for the crust to be baked after being filled.

Some of the most popular pastry crust pies at Papa C Pies include our savory chicken pot pie and quichesaward winning Ghirardelli pie as well as our fruit pies including the always scrumptious double crust cherry pie.

As a rule of thumb, if a pie will be baked longer than 25 minutes, a pastry crust is the way to go.

Crumb Crust

Crumb crusts, on the other hand, start with premade ingredients, such as cookies, graham crackers or buttery, savory crackers. Crushed and then combined with butter, the crumbs are pressed into a pie plate and baked for a few minutes to set up. A crumb crust works beautifully with sweet pies that may require little-to-no bake time.

Papa C Pies uses a light and buttery crumb crust in some of our favorites like the lemon icebox pie, delectable Reese’s peanut butter pie and the refreshingly light key lime pie.

The truth of the matter is, pie is easy to eat, whether you make a crust from scratch or you let us do it! Papa C Pies knows what goes into the perfect crust and how to pair it appropriately with the filling. Drop by to check out the in-stock selection at the storefront at 99 Seaboard Ln Ste 100 or call and place your special order. Call (615) 414-3435.

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