The Four Most Sought After Pies

MARCH 1, 2021

Picking a favorite pie would be as difficult as choosing a favorite child or parent. So we won’t even ask. After all, it depends on your mood, the time of year, what you had for dinner and why you want the pie. (Just to clarify, “because it’s pie” is a completely valid answer… you don’t actually need another reason.) But choosing a favorite is unfair. So instead, we are exploring the four most sought after pies, according to Papa C Pies.

Southern Pecan Pie

Is anything more quintessentially Southern than a perfect pecan pie? Fresh Georgia pecans are combined with an exquisite balance of sugar, butter and vanilla. Proof that the whole is more than the sum of its parts, this pie hits all the right notes! The filling is sweet, but not overly sweet, crunchy, luscious and nestled into Papa C Pies’ signature flaky crust that is out of this world.

Steeplechase Derby Pie

Steeplechase pie, derby pie, steeplechase derby pie, whatever you call it, they’ll know what you’re talking about. And if you’ve had it, you’ve talked about it! A must-have for Nashville’s annual Iroquois Steeplechase horse race, this delightful pie can also be enjoyed year-round. Featuring pecans, Ghirardelli chocolate chips and a splash of bourbon, this fun and exciting pie is definitely highly sought after.

Chess (“Jus”) Pie

Maybe you’re sensing a trend. The most sought-after pies at Papa C Pies are all steeped in Southern tradition. And this one is no exception. While the origins of the filling, the name and the tale surrounding its genesis are widely varied, one thing remains unchanged: this pie is fantastic! Almost difficult to describe what it tastes like (it’s “jus”… pie!), this Southern staple is silky, creamy and rich with butter, sugar and egg – with just a pinch of cornmeal for texture and a splash of vinegar for balance. You may have a hard time defining this custard-like pie, but you won’t have a hard time eating it.

Mixed Berry Pie

Is there anything better than a blueberry pie? Wait, I mean a blackberry pie. Oh, strawberries are my favorite! Shoot, I forgot about raspberries. What’s a pie-lover to do? Simple. Reach for a 4-in-1 mixed berry pie! Featuring the sweet, tart, tangy and juicy pie fruits you love best, this pie is a fruit party in your mouth. And best of all, it has not one but two of Papa C Pies’ famous light and flaky crusts!

Got Pie?

Whether your mouth is watering and craving one of the highly sought after pies or you’re in the mood for something a little different, Papa C Pies has you covered. Call 615-414-3435 to place an order or drop by Suite 100 at 99 Seaboard Ln Brentwood, TN to see what’s available in the case. And, remember, Papa C Pies ships worldwide! Choose a long-time favorite or explore a new flavor. But whatever you choose, your taste buds will thank you.