The Best Handcrafted Nashville Pies With Nationwide Shipping

FEBRUARY 16, 2023

Finding high-quality baked goods can be challenging as many at the local grocery store are packed full of preservatives to keep them looking great on the shelf for many days or even weeks to come. 

But the freshest ingredients truly make for the best-tasting baked goods. At Papa C Pies, you’ll find some of the best handcrafted pies in Nashville that you can ship to anywhere in the US.

For Papa C Pies, it’s personal because the recipes have been handed down through three generations. They aren’t written down but made based on how the ingredients are coming together that day.

And with such a strong family history, the team at Papa C Pies hopes the delicious taste and smell of the pies take you back to fond family memories you hold dear. 

The family sells its pies from its storefront at 99 Seaboard Lane, Suite 100, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027. But you can treat a loved one, remote coworker or long-distance friend to the delicious tastes of Nashville with nationwide shipping. Here’s a look at the baked goods you can have delivered to anyone’s doorstep.

The Best Handcrafted Pies Shipped to You

Send a piece of Nashville with nationwide shipping from Papa C Pies. Here’s a look at the options for these pies and what to expect.

Pies available for shipping

  • Ghirardelli chocolate pie
  • Ghirardelli chocolate with pecans pie
  • Ghirardelli chocolate chess pie
  • Chess pie
  • Southern pecan pie
  • Steeplechase derby pie
  • Apple pie
  • Cherry pie
  • Mixed berry pie

Choose from a medium six-inch pie with two to three servings, a large 9-inch pie with eight to 10 servings or an extra-large 11-inch pie with 12-14 servings. Add in some peanut brittle as a bonus to round out your delicious package.

All pies are deep dish. To give you context about how much delicious homemade filling and signature light and flaky crust these pies have, a six-inch pie weighs approximately one pound.

Offer your recipient a fun taste test by sending a package with two six-inch pies and include your two favorite varieties. The pies ship via UPS Ground or you can select 2-day Express shipping to expedite things.

A Unique, Branded Corporate Client or Employee Gift

Providing a distinctive gift that says thanks for your time or we appreciate what you bring to the team is challenging. But you can deliver a delicious treat branded with your logo when you work with Papa C Pies.

Customize your packaging with your company logo on the box or a platinum tin. If you’re local to the Nashville area, you can pick up your branded pies or have them bulk delivered to your office in the Nashville area. Otherwise, you can ship this distinctive gift anywhere in the US and even include a custom note in the package.

How Pies Stay Fresh in Transit

Shipping a pie and still getting to enjoy its fresh-out-of-the-oven goodness might seem like a crazy concept. But Papa C Pies has tried and true methods.

During checkout, you’ll select your desired delivery date. This helps you plan for the best time to receive the package, so it doesn’t sit on the porch too long, and helps you plan for serving the pie during a special gathering or occasion.

Then Papa C Pies brings its expertise in. From November through March, the bakery can ship your pie Monday through Friday. That’s because they don’t have to worry about pies sitting in a hot warehouse over the weekend when mail carriers take a break.

But during April through October, you’ll have to be a bit more strategic with when you want your pie. That’s because the bakery won’t ship pies over the weekend because that time sitting in a hot warehouse will disrupt the delicious experience you or your loved one is about to enjoy.  When a pie has a 3-day transit time, Papa C Pies won’t ship it on a Wednesday or later. Instead, that pie will be baked fresh and shipped out the following week.

With deep expertise in pie handling, Papa C Pies packages the pies carefully to protect them from damage in transit. However, in some cases, you might receive a pie with a bent pie pan or cracked crust. The good news is, even with small cosmetic damage, the pies will still taste amazing!

Visit the Papa C Pies bakery at 99 Seaboard Lane, Suite 100, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027 or shop entirely online now to order your pie delivery.