Peaches and Cream? Sounds like Peach Pie Day!

AUGUST 12, 2022

There’s nothing that says summer in the South more than a sweet, ice cream-topped Peach Pie, which is why Papa C’s Pies believes everyone should celebrate this delicious treat on August 24 – National Peach Pie Day.

But if you ever wondered if peach pie is truly a Southern invention, we have the scoop (remember the ice cream?).

The short answer is: Nope.

It’s believed that peach pie was probably developed sometime in the early 14th Century in Europe. The first written record of a peach pie recipe was from Geoffrey Chaucer in 1381. Geoff must have needed something to keep up his creative energy while he was penning those Canterbury Tales.

In the 15th Century, the Dutch upped the peach pie game by adding the now obligatory scoop of ice cream on top. Today, we can’t imagine ever eating our peach (or any other fruit) pies without that cold creaminess to cool down a fresh-from-the-oven treat.

You might also be surprised to learn that Peach Pie was not always eaten as dessert. Georgian families in the 19th Century served Peach Pie for breakfast, a practice that spread to many Southeastern homes. It was considered a hearty and filling meal and just what they needed to fuel the long day ahead. 

Papa C’s Pies is keeping the peach pie tradition alive, starting with our famed crust made from Grandmother Elsie’s recipe. We fill it with a sweet, juicy blend of fresh peaches we source from groves in Georgia and Alabama, combined with a little sugar and cinnamon, our secret spices, and a splash of lemon juice. Once it’s all covered with another layer of Elsie’s crust, we bake it to golden perfection.

You can celebrate this Southern Summer tradition with us by ordering online or calling, or you can drop by the Papa C’s Pies storefront in Cool Springs. We also have pies available at several Franklin and Nashville area businesses (check our website), including our newest location at Sperry’s Mercantile on Harding Pike where you can order for pickup.

Don’t let the last sultry days of summer pass you by without a warm slice of peach pie – and don’t forget the ice cream!