Papa C Pies Raises Money and Grows a Mustaches

OCTOBER 28, 2022

Chad Collier, the owner of Papa C Pies, is raising money for Barefoot Republic, a Kentucky-based retreat for at-risk kids. Collier is collaborating with Mustaches for Kids and growing out his mustache to raise awareness for the retreat and what they do.

In exchange for donations to the campaign, Collier is offering free pies at Papa C Pies. For $25 you can get a free 6” deep dish pie. Donate $100 and receive one free 11” deep dish pie. If you donate $1,000 Papa C Pies will cater an event for up to 200 people with their mini dessert bar or full-size pies. If you are out of state, you can still get free pie! Just cover the shipping and the pie is yours. Visit the donation page at for a full list of the discounts offered to donate. After you have donated, email and once your donation is confirmed, you’ll receive a digital gift certificate for your pie!

“Unfortunately I do not have that classic mustache or Top Gun look with my blonde ‘stache. So however silly I look, I’m doing this for the kids! So please help me make this mustache growing worth it by donating for a good cause,” says Chad Collier.

While the main campus is located in Fountain Run, Kentucky, Barefoot Republic offers many day camps at churches throughout Nashville. They offer day camps, overnight camps, family camps, and winter camps. From a platform of artistic, athletic, and team-building programs, Barefoot Republic strives to create Christ-centered relationships between those from diverse racial, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Assist Chad to raise money for Barefoot Republic, get free pie, and help the community! For more information or if you have any questions, reach out to Chad by email or phone at 615-414-3435. Need a pie for the holiday season? Contact Papa C Pies today!

Papa C Pies

Chad Collier, the owner of Papa C Pies, has been baking pies since he was a kid. He was taught by his father, Papa C, who was taught by his mother, Elsie Mae. Elsie Mae always made the most delicious apple pies, and one year during the holiday season they asked her to write down her recipes. She couldn’t do it! She said she didn’t learn from a recipe – her mother taught her by making the pies with her. She said, “you need to see and feel the ingredients come together”. When you make something often enough and you love to make it, you don’t need a piece of paper to tell you how. Through 3 generations they have followed in Elsie Mae’s footsteps making pies in the same tradition.