National Cherry Pie Day History

FEBRUARY 7, 2023

If you love the taste of a delicious, handmade cherry pie, this day is for you! On February 20th, you can celebrate a holiday all cherry lovers adore: National Cherry Pie Day. Papa C Pies has a mouthwatering cherry pie to enjoy for the holiday or any other day of the year. Their cherry pie is filled with tart cherries, a dash of cinnamon, and almond extract to help bring out the delectable flavor.

History of Cherry Pie

The cherry pie has been around for centuries, with the first appearance believed to have been presented to Queen Elizabeth I in the 1500s. 

Pie was brought to the United States with the early settlers along with the cherry tree. Initially, the crust was just used as a way to hold the pie during the baking process or to store the filling and was not eaten. Researchers believe it wasn’t until the American Revolution between 1775 and 1783 that people began eating the casing and it was referred to as crust.

The holiday is celebrated right around President’s Day (this year they fall on the same day), and it is believed that the day was chosen because of the relation to George Washington and his cherry trees.

How to Enjoy Cherry Pie

Order your appetizing, homemade cherry pie from Papa C Pies ahead of time and pick it up on February 20th for the perfect after-dinner dessert. Make sure to pick up some ice cream at the store or spend the weekend making homemade ice cream with your family to enjoy with your pie.

Want something a bit lighter? Pick up some whipped cream or whip some up at home in minutes.

Papa C Pies

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