Limited Time Offerings and Classic Favorites

JUNE 16, 2021

Variety is the spice of life. And Papa C Pies certainly subscribes to that philosophy, offering more than a dozen and a half dessert pies (not to mention savory options and other desserts). But sometimes too many choices can leave a person reeling from decision fatigue. Let us help narrow it down for you with three classic bestseller favorites and two dessert pies that will be gone very soon.

Limited Time Pies

Frozen Margarita Pie

Our in-house-made pretzel crust is filled with a light cream, lime juice and zest, and a splash of Tequila and Triple Sec. Salty, creamy, sour and sweet, the margarita pie hits all the right notes.

Fresh Glazed Strawberry Pie

If you love strawberries, get your hands on our fresh glazed strawberry pie before it’s gone. With three pounds of fresh strawberries in every pie, it’s the quintessential summer pie. Half of the strawberries are cooked down into our house-made strawberry glaze. The other half are sliced and folded into the glaze after it’s cooled. It’s a strawberry explosion in every bite. 

Classic Favorites

These classic favorites are some of our all-time bestsellers for a reason. Grab one and know you’ve definitely made the right choice…no matter which one you choose!

Chess Pie

This sweet pie balanced with a touch of twang and a perfect texture is almost indescribable. But it’s as easy to eat as it is hard to define!

Ghirardelli Pie with Pecans

Is it a fudge pie with pecans or a pecan pie with a chocolate filling? Let’s just go with…YES. No matter which way you describe it, our Ghirardelli Pie with Pecans is a delicious and constant crowd-pleaser!

Apple Pie

The flagship pie, the one that started it all, the original recipe from Papa C’s own grandma, this apple pie is epic. One bite of the tart Granny Smith apples, sugary cinnamon mix and flaky double-crust,  and you’ll understand exactly why this pie is always on the bestseller list.

Bonus Goodies

While Papa C Pies is well-known for scrumptious dessert pies, we aren’t limited. If you can’t wait for dessert, grab a delectable quiche or cinnamon roll for breakfast or brunch. (You can still pick up dessert for later in the day…we won’t tell!)

Feel free to call Papa C Pies at 615-414-3435 to place an order or find out what’s in the case today. Or, swing by 99 Seaboard Ln Ste 100 in Brentwood, TN, and pick up your limited time or bestseller pie to make tonight end on a sweet note.