Guide to Perfect Pie Pairings to Dinners

MAY 26, 2021

There are a million and a half articles about which wine to pair with dinners or specific proteins. But what about pairing pies? Weekend dinners hosting friends or weeknights with the family, it’s always fun to end a scrumptious meal with the perfectly matched dessert. Read on for the guide to match pies to your meal and take a break from preparing the dessert. We’ve got you covered.

Red meat and hearty stews. Finish a hearty meal with a lighter, fruity dessert such as succulent peach pie, balanced strawberry rhubarb pie or a delectable cherry pie.

Pork and Poultry dishes. White meat dishes are complimented well by berries and purees. Try a pumpkin pie or a blueberry or blackberry pie when serving chicken, turkey or pork. Can’t decide? No need…just grab a mixed berry pie and have the best of four berries in one delicious pie.

Fish and seafood. Citrus and tropical flavorings are a match made in heaven for your dinner. (Coconut shrimp or a lemon squeezed over a perfect salmon…see what I mean?) Carry that perfect match through to dessert with creamy pies. Try a key lime or lemon icebox pie or go for the coconut cream pie.

Pasta and risotto. Whether you’re eating lasagna, alfredo or risotto, you can’t beat a chocolate pie to finish off the meal. And at Papa C Pies, it’s not just any chocolate pie, it’s an award winning Ghirardelli pie. Or you can reach for the chocolate chess pie or chocolate pie with pecans. No matter what you choose, your palate will thank you.

Vegetarian or creamy dish. We know as summer approaches, fresh produce means vegetables can be the star of any meal. If you’re serving a creamy dish or leaning on the veggies to make the meal, polish it off with a nutty dessert, like the pecan pie or Steeplechase Derby pie.

Mix it Up!

These are merely suggestions. The best pie for any meal is the one you’re craving. And Papa C Pies has no shortage of fantastic flavors. But there are two, the fresh glazed strawberry pie and the frozen margarita pie, that are here for a limited time only. And that limited time is almost up. We’ll try to make them last until the 4th of July. But get them while the getting is good! Find all the pies at 99 Seaboard Ln, Suite 100 in Brentwood, TN. Call 615-414-3435 to place an order for your perfect pie pairing or find out what’s in the case today.