5 Fresh Fruits Ready in Spring (Perfect Pies!)

APRIL 2, 2021

Don’t you just love spring? The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the trees are budding, the allergies are… well…

Easter is here and life is reviving. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate?

As you plan your Easter menu, whether a small intimate gathering or reconnecting with a few loved ones you haven’t seen in far too long, let Papa C Pies handle the dessert. With a variety of delectable pies, from the rich to the light and airy, these unique offerings are the perfect addition to your Easter spread.

Welcome the advent of new life with a coconut cream Easter pie. This creamy pie just screams sunny days are here again. Topped with toasted coconut and nestled in a signature light and flaky crust, this pie will accent any Easter table.

Papa C Pies Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Spring isn’t just for sweet. A little tart can be fantastic in the spring. Featuring just enough sugar to bring balance, this double crust pie is filled with beautiful crimson rhubarb and celebrates the tartness. (If you need a little extra sweet, this pie pairs beautifully with your favorite delicious ice cream.)

ghiradelli chocolate fudge

While you may think chocolate is too decadent for something like an Easter pie, we respectfully disagree. The award-winning Ghirardelli Chocolate Pie is the best seller at Papa C Pies for an excellent reason. Balanced, rich and smooth, this fudgy pie is perfect for your Easter feast. And if you’re looking to add a springy touch to this decadent dessert, pair it with a delicate whipped cream or strawberry ice cream.

lemon icebox cake from papa c pies

This classic Easter pie never goes out of style. Creamy, silky smooth and just tart enough, every bite features crunch from the luscious and buttery handmade graham cracker crust. Celebrate spring with the light refreshment of lemon topped with a Swiss Meringue.

chess pie at papa c pies

Though a year-round favorite, this chess pie perfectly suits a fresh spring day. It’s custardy…but not totally. It’s sweet…but with a touch of bite. It’s creamy and sugary and tangy. Essentially, it’s Southern goodness in a crust. This golden yellow pie reminds everyone spring is back and the sun is shining.

The Easiest Easter Pies

While there are lots of great recipes for Easter pies, the easiest one is the one you pick from Papa C Pies menu. Relax and enjoy the day with your friends and family. Dessert is covered, whether you choose to pick up in person or buy pies online (available for shipping to all 50 states). Call 615-414-3435 to place an order and make sure you get the perfect pie for your Easter celebration.