Celebrate Pies All February Long: It’s National Pie Month!

FEBRUARY 22, 2021

You missed National Pie Day (January 23rd) and National Pi Day (March 14) is too far away. Papa C Pies feels the same way. That’s why February is our favorite month of the year. It’s National Pie Month! To help inspire and share the love of pie, here are a few fun facts about pie and national pie month.

A Fun, Brief History of Pie

  • The first recipe for pie dates back to 2,000 BC (chicken pie).
  • Depictions of sweet pies were found on the tomb walls of Ramses II, dating this beloved dessert all the way to Ancient Egypt.
  • The 1500s saw the advent of fruit pies, or tarts. The first known cherry pie was made for Queen Elizabeth I.
  • The 1600s hailed the arrival of pie in the Americas when the pilgrims first brought their English-style meat pies. The first recorded pumpkin pie showed up in 1675.
  • The last two hundred years have particularly seen the evolution and love of pie in America. After all, what do we usually call something that’s patriotic? “As American as Apple Pie!” 
  • In 1990, National Pie Month was created. We’ve never looked back!

Why Pie?

The first, most obvious answer: why not?! A delectable, flaky crust filled with sumptuous goodness? Who wouldn’t want that? But maybe the better answer is the endless possibilities, from sweet to savory, smooth to crunchy, buttery to creamy, pastry or cookie crusted, topped and uncovered… the options are boundless.

At Papa C Pies, we do one thing and we do it really well! Whether you’re in the mood for a delicious breakfast, dinner or treat, we’ve got you covered. And with all of the aforementioned styles available, we are sure to please your palate. Plus, we have so many varieties you could try something different almost every day of February. (That’s a lot of flavors!)

Beyond Your Home

Sure, Papa C Pies are scrumptious for a meal or dessert with your family and even a few friends. But they are so much more. Papa C Pies offers nationwide shipping on select pies (excellent gifts for family far away), corporate gifts with your customized logo, and even wedding pies.

Whether you need a few pies for an intimate wedding or want to make sure everyone in the crowd is fed, Papa C Pies can provide you with a unique dessert experience for your wedding or other celebration sure to please the guests and honorees.

Let Them Eat… Pie!

When you’re ready to celebrate national pie month, don’t hesitate to stop by Suite 100 at 99 Seaboard Ln in beautiful Brentwood, TN or call 615-414-3435. Find out what we have in our case or place a special order for pickup, drive through or delivery! And don’t let the rest of National Pie Month pass you by without indulging in a scrumptious pie from Papa C Pies. Be sure to check out our: