Celebrate National Pie Day with Papa C Pies on January 23rd

JANUARY 16, 2023

If you thought there couldn’t be another pie holiday, you thought wrong. January 23rd marks National Pie Day and provides you with a great excuse to eat a fresh pie from Papa C Pies. Nothing warms up a cold, winter day like a delicious, homemade pie!

Papa C Pies offers sweet and savory pies. You can get one to enjoy for dinner or dessert. You can even make the whole day about pies and eat a different one for each meal of the day!

History of National Pie Day

National Pie Day has been around since the mid-1970s when Charlie Papazian created the holiday on his own birthday. The holiday has been sponsored by the America Pie Council since 1986, making this year the official 37th year.

Charlie Papazian is a nuclear engineer and beer brewer with a love for pie. He founded the Great American Beer Festival and Brewer’s Association, which he was president of from 1979-2016. He offered home brewing classes in his kitchen and one of his students was one of the founders of New Belgium Brewing Company. What better pairing for a warm, savory pie than a nice, cool beer?

How to Celebrate National Pie Day

While many people have made their New Year’s Resolutions and have a diet to stick to, there’s no better reason to take a cheat day than a national holiday! Even if you have decided to give up sweets, you can still eat savory pies that can provide some benefits to those resolutions. You can opt for a chicken pot pie or shepherd’s pie to make sure you are getting your vegetables and proteins in with your meal.

Want to start your pie celebrations in the morning? Try out a quiche from Papa C Pies. They offer spinach and bacon quiche, roasted red pepper and sausage quiche, and a vegetable quiche for any vegetarians in the mix.

Papa C Pies

Stop by Papa C Pies on the 23rd for some handcrafted homemade pies to help you get in the spirit. This year, for every large savory pie that you order on the 23rd, Papa C Pies will give you a free 6” dessert pie. Make sure to stop in and pick out your favorite pie to celebrate the first national pie holiday of the year!

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